• TDR Tester

Originally Developed High Frequency Co-axis Probe


High Frequency Coaxial Probe (cannot be equipped on E1T/E2T6151 and E2V/E3V/E4V6151)

Probe Pitch *
p=0.5, 1.0, 1.27, 1.9, 2.54, 3.54, 5.08 (mm)
GND (G)—Signal (S)

Single End Probe
This uniquely developed high frequency coaxial probe has improved characteristic of measuring over 10GHz with one probe. Together with its ability to rotate 360 degrees, the probe can corresponds to various complicated high frequency board patterns.

* Probe pitch can be customized for your use.

Probe Pitch *
p=1.25, 2.54 (mm)
GND (G)—Signal (S)

Differential Probe
Differential probe that accomplished differential impedance measurement.

* Probe pitch can be customized for your use.

Super High Frequency Probe (E1T/E2T6151)

Super High Frequency Probe

Best suited for impedance measurement at high frequency spectrum such as for C4 Bumps. Probe units are also included with rotation feature and designed for installing super high frequency probe such as ACP40 series by FormFactor.

High Frequency Probe Unit (E2V/E3V/E4V6151)

180° Rotation Mechanism

The high frequency probe unit is equipped with a rotation mechanism which allows close proximity between probes enables testing of various pad arrangements. High frequency probes such as the ACP series by Form Factor (formerly Cascade Microtech) and many others are supported.