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“G model”
The next generation of EMMA

Ever Improving Speed & Accuracy Together with Abundant Lineup

Abundant Lineup

EMMA has always led the industry in the inspection speed of printed circuit boards, and when EMMA was first introduced, its 350 points per minute speed was a breakthrough in performance. Since then, EMMA has been steadily improved, and the entire lineup has evolved into the G model equipped with digital PPC (Probe Pressure Control). The probes have also evolved significantly to Type 10, with the latest standard type, E4M6151G, capable of over 6,500 points per minute, and the 8-probe system capable of over 10,000 points per minute. Accuracy has evolved along with speed, reaching a minimum pad size of 10µm on the latest ultra-high-precision type. A wide variety of measurement units are also available to further upgrade inspection quality. EMMA now offers an extensive lineup of high-speed, high-precision inspection as well as autoloader and custom models to meet all inspection needs, and will continue to develop products that respond to the increasing diversity and speed of the test floor.

EMMA continues to be the Industry's Top Brand after decades from its initial release

Machines Installed

EMMA is a fixtureless flying probe continuity tester that conducts continuity and isolation test to both top and bottom sides of the board at the same time with its unique contact probes. One of the prevalent advantages of EMMA is that it does not require a fixture jig for either continuity or isolation test. This has allowed decrease in testing preparation time. The EMMA ensures shorter testing process even for the boards in small lots or fine pitch multilayer boards. Installation of EMMA have decreased the number of faulty boards in the production, and have contributed to customers in increasing their productivity. Ever since its initial release in 1994, EMMA had quickly became the Bare Board Tester industry's leading brand and continues to be innovated with MicroCraft’s latest technologies. To this day, EMMA continues to satisfy customers and with over 2,000 testers sold throughout the world, we are proud of this achievement. MicroCraft has strategically placed qualified technical staff experts that are willing and ready to assist every customer no matter where the location. Given the time sensitive industry, we are here to assist customers at anytime and will always perform above customers’ expectations.