• Moving Probe Tester

MicroCraft's software lineups will provide
total support from Data Processing,
Testing and to Fault Verification and Fixes




EMMA interface is available in Windows 10 and Windows 11. This industry standard operation system with user friendly interface allows even a novice operator to become productive very quickly. Furthermore, various optional software is lined up to provide greater assistance.*1

Test Data Generating Software Optional
EMMA is supported by the mainstream CAM software
* Please inquire the CAM manufacturer directly for details on individual software.

Company Software





Ucamco (ManiaBarco)





DFM Center









TPG (Test Point Generator) Optional

Test Point Generator will read the test data made by different companies, then offers format conversion and various editing options. *1

EVS (Error Viewer Software) Optional

This is a standalone software allowing operators to easily identify errors (via barcode) on all failed PCB’s. Input formats are: IPC-D-356A, NTD, EPC, and F04. MIC file and IPC for EMMA is also operated at the same time. *1

EXT Optional

EXT maximizes your prober efficiency without sacrificing test accuracy. Speed up testing AND assure 100% test of your product with EXT. *1

<Read it… Easily>
Drag and drop input. A wide variety of inputs are supported,
including RS-274X, RS-274D, ODB++, DXF, DWG, GDSII, DPF, Drill, IPCD356, IPCD356 A, IPCD356 B,
Mentor Neutral, Pads ASCII, Accel ASCII, Integra, TXF, Pdif, and more.
Netlist extract and compare, electrical test, netlist output, save and restore test points.

<Extract it… Accurately>
Generate a netlist from your design data.
Calculate adjacency, buried resistance and circuit resistance to include with output.

<Test it… Quickly>
Your test has to be quick and complete. EXT eliminates unnecessary test points without sacrificing a complete test. Maximize your prober efficiency with these.

EXT features:
· Line of Sight adjacency offers the most efficient method of reducing the number of probe hits, and still gives you control over testing tolerances.
· Eliminate unneeded test points on plane layers while assuring 100% test.
· Include all the components and vias, components only, or end points of the nets.
· Avoid recalculating test points for unchanged circuits during revision cycles by saving and restoring the test point database.
· Save time and scrap with the proven reliability of EXT's netlist extract, ability to compare nets between revisions, and graphical viewing of nets, test points, and data.

<Ship it… Now!>
Output to standard formats such as IPC-D-356A, MicroCraft, ATG, ECT, Probot, as well as RapiTrim Resistor Trimmer.

MicroCraft Viewer – Free Download

PAR Optional

Full-featured editing, Classify (DRC with manufacturability analysis),
netlist extract & compare, listed output options. *1

PAR with ICE Optional

Par with ICE (Interactive Confict Editor for fixing DRC violations caught by Classification) adds capability to
automatically fix DRC violations during graphical review.*1

Par with EXT Optional

Par and EXT packages combined. *1

Par with EXT and ICE Optional

Par, EXT and ICE packages combined. *1

ParCAM Optional

Adds Panel Layout and includes ICE to Par.
ParCAM offers a highly flexible suite of tools for Windows 7, 8 and10.
Whether your needs include translation/viewing, data optimization, netlist extraction and compare,
DFM analysis and editing, panelizing or output, ParCAM can be configured for your work. *1

<Read it… Easily>
Drag and drop input. A wide variety of inputs are supported,
including RS-274X, RS-274D, Drill, ODB++, DPF, and DXF.
Read-in options, optimizations, and DFM processes are adjusted quickly.

<Analyze it and Fix it… Quickly>
Your job must be ready for manufacture. Check DRC and analyze DFM, Classifying those results by criteria you establish. Only run the checks you need. Extract and compare netlists. Graphically view defects or other areas of concern. ICE fixes conflicts automatically. For manual editing tasks, a full range of edits are at your finger tips, making changes easy. Interrogate data as needed, measuring, counting, and reporting. Find smallest features and calculate areas.

<Build it… Right>
Step and repeat boards and build panels with coupons, venting, tooling holes. Flexible coupon generation with improved analysis and settings wizards enable you to create coupons using job data and any number of sections, in any order. Panel templates make rebuilding consistent. Apply etch compensations at output, without affecting the original data.

<Ship it… Now!>
Output to standard formats such as RS-274X & D (Gerber), ODB++, Drill, Netlist (MicroCraft, ATG, ECT) and many others.

ParCAM with EXT Optional

ParCAM and EXT packages combined. *1

Preview is a viewer for Par and ParCAM jobs.

CheckMate Optional

Classify (DRC with manufacturability analysis), netlist extract & compare, MicroCraft Job output. *1

Photo Tooling Optional

<Prototype and Production>
For those who pushed the boundaries of innovation,
MicroCraft assisted them in designing and developing prototypes.
For those creating efficiencies in production,
MicroCraft developed customized solutions to help customers' products to perform better, faster, and longer. *1

*1 Related Software (including updates) issued is licensed customer who purchased the software, and all rights shall remain with MicroCraft and/or the licenser. Customer is not entitled to lend, transfer or resell the licensed Software to a third party regardless of whether it is with charge or free of charge.