• On-demand InkJet Printing System

A unique board securing system that corrects board warpage.
By firmly securing horizontally,
satellites* and character distortions are minimized.

* Ink splash

Board Securing System

Vacuum Table

Vacuum table uses vacuum pressure to secure the boards.
With the vacuum suction, boards with through holes can be secured flat.*1

Automated 4 Side Edge Clamp + Vacuum (Optional)

Automated 4 side edge clamp with vacuum supports auto loader/unloader to thoroughly correct warpage.
It is the most suitable system to be used with loader/unloader since board is automatically clamped.

1. Automated 4 Side Edge Clamp + Vacuum “Rectangle Type” Optional

Rectangular clamps securely clamp along the edges and corners. Minimum board thickness is 0.6mm.*1 *2

2. Automated 4 Side Edge Clamp + Vacuum “Round Type” Optional

Clamp fingers are made in a round shape. Even thin boards can be clamped securely without limitation to the board thickness.*1 *2

*1 Vacuum pump required *2 With following board size, there shall be one side that cannot be clamped, thus it shall be clamped for 1–3 sides: 6151 type – 15.7 x 13”(400 x 330mm), 7861 type – 20 x 13”(510 x 330mm)