• On-demand InkJet Printing System

By using dedicated software,
operators can respond to small design changes on demand.


Data Processing Software “InkJet Edit”

This is the standard software included with CraftPix that supports RS274X, RS274D, ODB++, and DXF input format. The software is capable of setting print-area, selecting serial number, and setting and editing barcoded area; also other pre-printing stage edits such as polygonization and data rotating, mirroring can be performed. User can conduct unique data editing such as: setting up X-out function for skipping images not needed for printing, printing serial number for each panel, and even printing different types of serial numbers for each image through using their mouse intuitively. With acquiring optional license, users can conduct data preparation in off-line mode prior to the actual printing.*1
(Supporting OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10)

Operation Software “JetPrint SE”

Standard software preinstalled in CraftPix for simple onboard control of printing data. Operators can ensure accurate printing by choosing alignment points, print conditions, serializations, X-out and other important features. Complete data control at your finger tips. (Supports BMP, TIFF format.) *1
(Supporting OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10)

*1 Related Software (including updates) issued is licensed customer who purchased the software, and all rights shall remain with MicroCraft and/or the licenser. Customer is not entitled to lend, transfer or resell the licensed Software to a third party regardless of whether it is with charge or free of charge.