• On-demand InkJet Printing System

Flagship model with the highest printing speed in the CraftPix series.

C8K**T model


Super High Speed Printing Model
C8K7265T NEW
This flagship model is equipped with eight print heads. It can be used not only for solder resist but also for legend printing on mass production lines. Equipped with two ink tanks, this model can also be used as a two-color printing model in a four-head + four-head configuration.

Detailed Specification

Max. Panel Size

28.3 x 25.6” (720 x 650 mm)

Max. Discharge Frequency

45 kHz

X-axis Resolution (dpi)

360 / 720 / 1080 / 1440

Y-axis Resolution (dpi)

720 / 1440 / 2160

Min. Droplet Size

6 pl / 13 pl

Number of Nozzles

8 x 1024 (8192)

Standard Resolution

720 dpi

Min. Line Width *1

70 µm–90 µm

Speed *2

22.8x17” (580 x 430 mm): 6 seconds
24 x 20” (610 x 510 mm): 6 seconds

Number of Ink Tank


Ink Tank Volume (Max.)

1000 ml x 2

On-Head UV Lamp *3


Number of Alignment Cameras


Camera Resolution

0.45 x 0.34” (11.5 x 8.6 mm)

Air Supply: Pressure

0.5 MPa

Air Supply: Volumetric flow rate

5.4 ft³/min. (150 ℓ/min.)

Power Supply *4
Single Phase AC200–240 V 50/60 Hz

30 A


3197 lbs. (1450 kg)

Dimensions [ unit: inch(mm) ]

Operating Conditions 70–75°F (21–24°C), 30–70% relative humidity
* Free of moisture, dust (ISO class 7 (FED-STD-209D Class10,000) clean room or better), vibration, and corrosive gas.
Atmospheric Dew Point: −14°C or below (at 0.7 Mpa, dew point is 15°C or below)
Oil Mist Concentration: 1 mg/㎥ (ANR) or below

*1 Depends on ink *2 While using UV pinning type ink, speed spec may change according to required UV energy. Print times do not include image alignment, shuttle and load and unload time. Please confirm the printing quality and speed by allowing us to run a benchmark test at MicroCraft. *3 LED UV lamp to be mounted depends on the ink to be used. *4 Separate power source for cooling device and vacuum pump is necessary (specifications may be different in some countries). § Replacement of ink requires special training § CraftPix consumables are ink, cleaning fluid, filter, sending fluid tube, UV lamp, array unit, vacuum paper, temperature sensor, heater, etc. § Please contact MicroCraft for detailed specification.

Common Specification

Board Thickness

0.004 to 0.24” (0.1–6.0 mm) *5
*compatibility for thickness exceeds 0.24” (6.0 mm) is optional


Touch Screen LCD Monitor


Windows 10 / Windows 11

Data Input Format

RS274X, RS274D, ODB++, DPF, DXF, BMP *6, TIFF *6

*5 When the vacuum table is used. Figures depend on the board warpage and clamp type. Printing quality may decrease with warpage. Please contact MicroCraft for more precise figures for specific conditions. *6 Scaling and alignment functions are not usable.

Vacuum Pump *

Power Supply

Three Phase AC200 V 10 A 50/60 Hz, AC220 V 10 A 60 Hz


50 Hz: 20.7 ft³/min. (575 ℓ/min.)
60 Hz: 24.7 ft³/min. (685 ℓ/min.)

Air Coupler Size

RC 3/4


187.4lbs. (85 kg)

* Depends on clamping method